How to fix the invalid session id in Wallaby integration testing

Problem When I run the integration test in my kwtool project, then the console raises this error: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 test user can visit homepage (KwtoolWeb.HomePage.ViewRegistrationPageTest) test/kwtool_web/features/registration_page/view_registration_page_test.exs:11 ** (RuntimeError) invalid session id code: |> visit("/") stacktrace: (wallaby 0.28.0) lib/wallaby/httpclient.ex:136: Wallaby.HTTPClient.check_for_response_errors/1 (wallaby 0.28.0) lib/wallaby/httpclient.ex:56: Wallaby.HTTPClient.make_request/5 Oh, what!? It has run successfully before. Why does it happen today? At first sight, we can see this is a RuntimeError, and the message is “invalid session id”.

Learning AWS Associate developer resources

Introduction My first challenge of 2021 is about learning AWS Associate Developer certificate. It’s more interesting than I thought. You will not only learn about the AWS products but also about some knowledge help you have a bigger view about application deployment and architecture. For example: Load balancing Blue green deployment Security Serverless architecture Docker Caching strategy And here is the list of resources I use for learning, hope it’s useful for you too.

2021 - A Year Look Back

Look back 2020 From the launch post, the blog until now (, look back. This Blog now is 1 year old. :D This is just a small blog with limited content, luckily, there still some visitors. One of them has emailed me to ask about an issue, that makes me feel this blog is useful not only for me. :D Look forward to 2021 I updated the skin and migrate the website to Netlify.