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How to fix the invalid session id in Wallaby integration testing

Problem When I run the integration test in my kwtool project, then the console raises this error: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 test user can visit homepage (KwtoolWeb.HomePage.ViewRegistrationPageTest) test/kwtool_web/features/registration_page/view_registration_page_test.exs:11 ** (RuntimeError) invalid session id code: |> visit("/") stacktrace: (wallaby 0.28.0) lib/wallaby/httpclient.ex:136: Wallaby.HTTPClient.check_for_response_errors/1 (wallaby 0.28.0) lib/wallaby/httpclient.ex:56: Wallaby.HTTPClient.make_request/5 Oh, what!? It has run successfully before. Why does it happen today? At first sight, we can see this is a RuntimeError, and the message is “invalid session id”.